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Freight forwarding is a complex of services that provides transportation of goods, their support and documentation. Professional freight forwarding is a continuous support and monitoring of cargo transportation in order to solve on an on-going basis all arising in the process of transportation problems.

The freight forwarder solves the following problems of the cargo transportation support:

  • registration the necessary accompanying documents
  • providing nessesary storage conditions and monitoring of the storage services
  • supervision of cargo preparation for transportation, packing and marking operations
  • loading and unloading control
  • organization of the route chosen by the client
  • cargo protection
  • assistance in passing the relevant customs procedures at the border
  • continuous monitoring of cargo and transport conditions while driving on the route
  • promptly informing the client about cargo location
  • ensuring “Doors-to-doors”delivery and receipt of cargo by the client
  • solution of any issues arising during freight transportation from the sender to the recipient

Thus, freight forwarding allows the client to pass all the problems of freight transportation on the transport and logistics company.

Our personnel has a solid experience in providing services on forwarding and freight transportation. Delivery of goods is always carried out with regard to the requirements and wishes of the customer within the specified period.

Contractual arrangements provide for the total liability of the freight forwarder for the safety of sender goods during the whole period of cooperation.

We guarantee our clients prompt shipping of goods excluding idle periods and expenses.

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