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LLC “MasterLogistik” is a customs carrier in the customs union territory. This status accords the right to transfer the goods, customs payments of which go beyond 60 thousand euro, without customs escort along the territory of the customs union states.

Customs carrier’s service means the following opportunities to the customers of “MasterLogistik”:

  • Avoiding extra costs for the customs escort (convoy).
  • Reducing delivery period as “MasterLogistik” motor vehicles do not have to idle at the border waiting for the convoy to arrive.

We do highly appreciate your confidence and guarantee our customers the highest service levels and reliable cargo delivery.

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Transport & forwarding company
Republic of Belarus, Brest, L-ta Ryabceva, 122



Working hours: 

from 9 am to 5 pm



Contact information:

tel. +375 162 298479
tel./fax +375 162 298624
e-mail: info@masterlogistik.by